• Solution Overview

    SZZT’s comprehensive solution for banking-medical self-services combines mobile network, mobile phones and self-service terminals together, and integrates WeChat service number, mobile APPs with self-service terminals for medical treatment to provide patients with all-round medical self-services including pre-treatment, diagnosis and post-treatment, based on successfully solving the linking problems with HIS, credit card system, WeChat and Alipay. It can realize medicare guiding self-service, self-service registration, self service of waiting for diagnosis, self-service printing, self-service query and self-service payment to improve medical quality and efficiency. At the same time, it makes banks offer the best financial services to hospitals and properly solve hospitals’ problems of capital flaw and financial security.

    The profits for hospital

  • It provides procedural, informationalized and automatic process for diagnosis to improve medical efficiency and quality.
  • It eases the disputes between doctors and patients and solves the difficulties of medical treatment under the New Medical Reform.
  • It solves the linking problems with credit cards, WeChat and Alipay in the hospital information construction.
  • It reduces hospital manpower and management cost.
  • It deepens the cooperation between hospitals and banks to solve the shortage of funds in the hospital information construction.
  • It offers terminal operation and maintenance platform to solve the difficulties of operation and maintenance management for terminals in hospitals.
  • The popularization and application of WeChat service number and mobile APPs enhance the image of hospital in many ways.
  • The profits for bank

  • It binds hospital fund management and realizes deposition of funds.
  • It can issue co-branded credit cards in hospital and increase the
    amount of credit cards issued.
  • It reflects the brand effect of bank and increases the users’ loyalty.
  • 5)The extension of network produces a new model--the off-bank service.
  • The system architecture diagram

    One-stop service

    The customization of self-service terminals

    It has the functions like issuing medical cards and social security cards, registration, recharging medical cards, printing analysis report, and payment by cash, credit cards, WeChat and Alipay.

    The customization of WeChat service number and mobile APPs

    It helps hospital customize WeChat service number and mobile APPs and open up WeChat payment to realize online registration, online number generation, clinic payment, inquiry of report, push notification, hospital navigation, hospital introduction, introduction of departments, introduction of experts and APP download.

    TSP platform

    TSP supports HIS, banks, WeChat and Alipay, and has the functions like remote operation and maintenance management for terminals, transaction monitoring, message distribution (by WeChat, Short Message, E-mail and APP), report statistics, and application management based on the realization of supporting self-service terminal for medical treatment, WeChat service number and mobile APPs, to provide customers with all-round value-added services.

    Deployment of cloud server

    SZZT can help hospital establish private cloud, public cloud and public-private cloud in the local place or in four SZZT IDC data centers (Dongguan, Guangzhou, Shenzhen, Changsha).

    Customer service

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  • 安徽省立医院

  • 贵阳医学院附属医院

  • 黔西南州人明医院

  • 中山大学孙逸仙 纪念医院

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