• Solution Overview

    SZZT’s comprehensive solution for smart retail uses mobile Internet technology to provide retailers with overall O2O operational ecology with machine interconnected cloud platform(TSP), combines and links POS terminals, online and offline management system of retail chains and banks with WeChat and Alipay, realizes O2O business operational mode, centralized management and digitization of inventory of retail chains and promotes management efficiency. In addition, the new modes of payment like WeChat and Alipay realize all-channel payment model, improve customers’ shopping experiences and enhance sales capability of offline stores through TSP’s analysis of data of different consumption to arrive the aims of predicting operation and precising marketing.

    Project Value

  • Improving the operational efficiency of retail chains and realizing inventory digitalization
  • Transferring from offline limited goods to online unlimited goods
  • Realizing the management and efficient operation of 020 retail big data
  • Creating a new era of smart retail chains
  • Creating store’s multi-dimensional experience and realize all-channel marketing
  • Enhancing customers’ experience and increasing flow of people to achieve incremental sales.
  • Classic Cases

    “Shuaishou shopkeeper” is based on TSP, which forms a set of solution for informatization of chain monopolized stores by integrating embedded terminal, mobile internet technology and terminal operation and maintenance service. This solution provides the one-stop informationalized service for chain retail enterprises. There is no need for merchants to additionally dispose software, hardware, internet and server. And there is no need to build the professional team for information management. “Shuaishou shopkeeper” could achieve unified management of store information only by placing a wireless terminal with the function of cashier in the store. The executives could complete the work of all store management by logging in to the cloud management platform in different places.“Shuaishou shopkeeper” not only makes the chain enterprises achieve operational management of the store, but also achieves “O2O Seamless blend” and precision marketing by TSP.

    One-stop delivery

    The customization of self-service terminals

    It has the functions like issuing medical cards and social security cards, registration, recharging medical cards, printing analysis report, and payment by cash, credit cards, WeChat and Alipay.

    The customization of WeChat service number and mobile APPs

    It helps hospital customize WeChat service number and mobile APPs and open up WeChat payment to realize online registration, online number generation, clinic payment, inquiry of report, push notification, hospital navigation, hospital introduction, introduction of departments, introduction of experts and APP download.


    TSP supports HIS, banks, WeChat and Alipay, and has the functions like remote operation and maintenance management for terminals, transaction monitoring, message distribution (by WeChat, Short Message, E-mail and APP), report statistics, and application management based on the realization of supporting self-service terminal for medical treatment, WeChat service number and mobile APPs, to provide customers with all-round value-added services.

    Deployment of cloud server

    SZZT can help hospital establish private cloud, public cloud and public-private cloud in the local place or in four SZZT IDC data centers (Dongguan, Guangzhou, Shenzhen, Changsha).

    Customer service