• Solution Overview

    SZZT’s solution for self-service transportation commits to the self-services of transportation industry including railway, aviation, highway and urban traffic and provides users with various self-services like buying tickets, making payments and dealing with business to reduce the occurrence of queuing and congestion and make users travel conveniently. It integrates original traffic information system and connect it with financial servicers like banks, WeChat and Alipay in order to guarantee the security of system funds and improve user’s experience. Moreover, it could open up more business models, such as WeChar service number and Mobile APPs to promote the development of Internet in traffic industry.

    Profits for station

  • It opens up channels of payment like banks, WeChat and Alipay, expand station’s ticketing payment channel and improve passengers’ ticketing experience.
  • It realizes self-service ticketing, buying tickets on station’s WeChat service number, and checking tickets left through the deployment of self-service terminal, in order to enhance passengers’ ticketing experience and relieve station’s passenger pressure.
  • It provides services on platform, helps station achieve terminal’s operation and maintenance management, configuration management, transaction monitoring and report query, and ata the same time integrates the systems of ticketing and insurance.
  • The system architecture diagram

    One-stop service

    The customization of self-service terminals

    It has the functions: identification of 2nd- Genaration ID card, ticket printing, bank card payment, WeChat payment, Alipay payment and issuing cards.

    Customization of station’s WeChat service number and software

    It provides station with customized service of self-service terminal ticketing software and construction service of WeChat service number to realize online and offline integration of all-round service for passengers.

    TSP platform

    TSP supports banks, ticketing, insurance, WeChat, Alipay, and the integration of deployment of different kinds of self-service terminal with different businesses. Moreover, it has the functions like remote operation and maintenance management for terminals, transaction monitoring, message distribution (by WeChat, Short Message, E-mail and APP), report statistics, application management and data analysis, to provide customers with all-round value-added services.

    Deployment of cloud server

    SZZT can help hospital establish private cloud, public cloud and public-private cloud in the local place or in four SZZT IDC data centers (Dongguan, Guangzhou, Shenzhen, Changsha).

    Customer service

  • 昆明市北部汽车客运站
  • 深圳银湖汽车站
  • 龙川客运站
  • 吉林汽车站
  • 南粤通客运联网中心有限公司
  • 江门汽运总站