• Solution Overview

    The solution for smart scenic spots, taking the realization of informatization and intelligentialization of scenic spots as the core, uses IOT, cloud computing and big data analysis to help scenic spots realize comprehensive intelligentialization of smart management, smart marketing and smart service.
  • smart management

    Based on the intelligent ticketing system, Intelligent Management provides ticketing solutions integrated with online ticketing, self-support checking and intelligent management. Meanwhile, it possessed with several functions such as financial statistics, data analysis and terminal management. In these means, the manager is able to manage scientifically and make decisions intelligently.

  • smart marketing

    With the development of mobile Internet, Intelligent Marketing helps the scenic spot build We-chat official accounts, APP for mobile phones to set up mobile marketing platform and bridges for direct communication with visitors. That is to say, the platform could get the visitors’ information actively and form data accumulation through information technologies. By the use of Cloud Computation and big data, we could understand the changes in demand of the visitors. Then we could find the tourism hit and the interesting point to make corresponding marketing themes. Finally, the efficient marketing was achieved by the accurate advertising through the platform.

  • smart service

    Intelligent Service refers to the service through the full-course of traveling. Based on the internet of things, wireless technologies, it provides real-time information of scenic spot and reasonable travel route planning.Meanwhile, it provides several functions like intelligent introduction of scenic spot, intelligent guide, interaction experience and so on.In this way, the service capacity of scenic spot and the tourist satisfaction are highly improved.

  • The earnings of scenic spot

  • The working efficiency of scenic spot is enhanced though informatization and self-support service. Then due to the savings of manpower, the operating costs are reduced
  • The comfort level and satisfaction of the visitors are increased by the use of informatization service.
  • Understand the changes in demand immediately, and make decisions and manage scientifically.
  • Achieve efficient and accurate marketing. Increase the earnings of scenic spot.
  • Make full use of the characters of the new media. Attract the visitors to join in the spreading and marketing of scenic spot actively.
  • The earnings of bank

  • Bind the scenic spot customers to keep financing deposition
  • Embody the bank brand effect. Enhance the loyalty of the uses.
  • Activate APP to increase the number of the users.
  • Topological Graph

    One-stop service

    The customization of self-service terminals

    The terminal not only provides basic services like self-support selling, picking up and checking of the tickets, but also some other informatizaition services like renting of the power bank, wireless WiFi and so on. The payment modes of the terminal include debit card, cash, We-chat, Alipay and so on. The allocation and the functions of the terminal are selective. The appearance can be customized.

    We-Chat official accounts/APP for mobile phones.

    Help scenic spot to customize We-chat official accounts, APP for mobile phones. Meanwhile, by opening up several payment modes, online ticketing, scenic spot introduction, guiding, route planning, real-time visitor flow detection, accurate advertisement marketing, APP downloading and other functions can be realized.

    Big data-Cloud Wheat

    Based on the personal data of the users and social information of traffic and travel path, Cloud Wheat Big data analysis platform uses existing massive group data to help the decision maker to find the most valuable information from the aspects of visitors, traveling resources and supporting services.

    Deployment of cloud server

    SZZT can help hospital establish private cloud, public cloud and public-private cloud in the local place or in four SZZT IDC data centers (Dongguan, Guangzhou, Shenzhen, Changsha).

    Terminal management—TSP platform

    SZZT provides TSP terminal management platform which manages and monitors all the terminals in the scenic spot. The platform is able to manage long distance operation and maintenance, dispatch message, analyze report forms, manage applications and so on. SZZT provides comprehensive value-added services for our customers.

    Customer service