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    Technical Support
    SZZT Technical strengths:
    Technical team:
           In 2011, the technical personnel are over 500, of which the R&D technicians account for 37% of the total staff, and 70% of the engineering technicians have technical development experience of financial system over five years.
    Investment Rate:
         The R&D funds account for over 8% of the operation revenue of the current period.
    Cooperation Condition:
        Have established the enterprise-university-research institute cooperation with universities such as Hunan University and Shenzhen University and other research institutes
         Have more than 100 patents, including 9 invention patents.
         As the leading enterprise in the security payment industry, so far, our company, which boasts 15 kinds of EPP (encrypted pin pad), have obtained the PCI certification, being an enterprise with the most products having this certification in the world, of which five kinds have obtained the PC1 2.x certification and one the PCI 3.x certification.
    Many self-service products have passed international CE certification, Chinese CCC certification and EU ROHS environmental protection certification.
     ★Advanced outcomes:
         By the end of August 2011, one new EPP of our company successfully passed the PCI 3.x certification, and our company becomes the first ATM EPP enterprise having this certification.
          PCI 3.x certification marks that our company’s EPP has reached the world leading level in respects of Data Security Standard (DSS), Payment Application Data Security Standard (PA-DSS) and PIN Entry Device (PED).
    Quality Control:
         Having established GB/T 19001:2000 quality management system and 6S management system, we implement management process according to requirements of the quality management system and keep improving; in May 2010, our production system moved to Zhengtong Electronic Industry Park as schedule and is now operating according to 6Sigera in the new industrial park.
    Tel:+86-755-8172 8888
    Fax:+86-755-2649 0099
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